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Sale Price

Weight lbs

   Steel and Cast Jackshaft, both single bolt or three hole options      
   Cast Jackshaft single bolt or three bolt and index dowel. Suitable for standard cast or steel drives preferably with Tuftrided or Nitrided finish.   $275 2.5
   Steel Jackshaft, Forged EN40B (same as crankshafts) Purposely over-engineered to allow shaft to be turned down to 12mm to allow clearance for 86mm stroke crank with Carrillo rods. Drive gear for distributor and oil pump should not be bronze/brass, use standard cast or Tuftrided/cast drive, or steel or Nitrided steel. Single bolt or three bolt and index dowel   $375 2.7
No Photo    Steel Jackshaft Thrust plate   $35 0.2
   Jackshaft Oil Seal   $18 0.1
   Crankshaft front cover Oil Seal   $24  
   Saloon car lightweight steel flywheel  6.6 lbs, 10 1/8 ins diameter, with no starter ring installed, by 1 1/16 total width. 7.25ins clutch, please spec 12 or 6 bolt pattern   $306 6.6
  Formula car Billet lightweight Flywheel 5.6 lbs, outer diameter 10 7/16 by 1/2 ins. Will fit FT 200, starter ring machined into billet, 7.25 or 5.5 clutch available, 104 tooth, 12 bolt.  Compare to regular flywheel which weighs 8.5 lbs, 52% heavier.   $494 5.6
   Flywheel thrust ring fits standard BD steel flywheels   $24  
 No Photo    Camshafts F1 (0.420 lift) pair, custom profiles available. 1.000 base circle also 1.030 base circle available.   $686 12.0
   Camshaft Thrust Plates   $29 0.2
   9/32 Valve guides Colisbro Bronze for OE replacement. (set of 16)   $207  
   6mm Valve Guides Colisbro Bronze for OE replacement. (set of 16)   $222  
   Selection of valve spring retainers, oil seal, and spring platform      
   Valve stem seals 9/32 ins (set of 16) Black Neoprene, (on left)   $44 0.03
   Tuftrided valve spring platforms 1/2 hole (set of 16),(on right)   $63 0.25
   Steel spring retainer (on left) for double spring, 9/32 valve stem (set of 16) 17grams each (normal weight)   $146 0.6
   Alloy spring retainer (on right) for double spring, 9/32 valve stem (set of 16) 8 grams each (very light)   $168 0.3
   Cosworth Keepers or Valve Collets for 9/32 valve stems per half   $  
No photo    9/32 Tappet shim blanks, grind to precise size from choice of three blanks :   Thickness available   0.010, 0.015, 0.020ins   $  
No photo    FVA/FVC Quill shaft   $141  
   BDG 90.4mm, Blue Sky Custom Cometic MLS Cylinder Head three layer stainless steel gasket with HP ring built into gasket layers, no need to 'O' ring block anymore. All pushrod holes eliminated but one to allow oil drain down from head to sump. Tested up to over 15 to 1 Compression ratio. Custom bore size 81 to 90.4mm available, specify actual bore size as gasket hole will be 0.020 larger than bore. Gasket thickness 0.043ins recommended, down to 0.030 ins available.   $128  
  Blue Sky custom Cometic BD Engine Gasket set includes: Cam cover, front cover, water pump, rear cover, oil pan, oil pump, thermostat, intake manifolds, and metal waffle exhaust manifold three bolt gaskets. Gaskets are re-usable foam sandwich material   $64  
  Stainless steel metal waffle sandwich exhaust manifold gaskets, three bolt, set of four gaskets      
  BD engine Sump gasket, which is a re-usable foam sandwich material   $18  
  BDA/BDD 81mm  Cylinder head gasket MLS design as above with out HP ring, also available with HP rings as would be recommended by Blue Sky Racing and most engine builders, available for a slightly higher cost.   $98  

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