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About us:    Gordon N. Park,  President  Blue Sky Racing and is a new company formed by BlueSkyRacing to exclusively supply a new line of  precision engineered BD engine components, Cylinder heads, Alloy engine blocks, Cam Carriers, Flywheels, Jack shafts and other high quality racing components. See over 100 precision racing engine components on our 4 web pages of  PRODUCTS & PRICES, review technical details and to see our price list for our entire product line. New products are always being added, revisit our web site or call to enquire, we may have access to what you need. as an American company is the ONLY SUPPLIER of  new three bolt BDA/BDD/BDG/BDM/BDP/BDX cylinder heads. We can also  supply  original  Cosworth  four bolt exhaust cylinder heads, supplied by Cosworth, call to enquire. Our new alloy engine block, half the weight of a cast iron block saves 38lbs, supplied complete with billet End Caps. BDAengine components are fully compatible with original Ford Cosworth racing components. Manufacturing components on state of the art 5 Axis CNC machine tools to the highest standards at competitive prices. Technical advice, customer support  and coordination with your local engine builder are some of the services we offer.

Contact us   818 957 7477  office, 8-00am to 8pm (California)

 310 880 0155 cell, anytime you don't get an answer on 818 957 7477

   818 957 7477 Fax or Tel evenings and weekends

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BlueSkyRacing NEWS

Both cars featured below are owned by Gordon Park of Blue Sky Racing

The first car pictured is the very last RALT RT4 ever built. Constructed in 1988 chassis 777 was one of only nine built and is the only completely original one remaining, retaining its original Gel-Coat fiber glass body, no repairs all in superb original condition. Even the suspension A arms are all original. Powered by a Cosworth 1600cc BIG Valve or 2000cc  as regulations permit, the Ralt Formula Atlantic is wonderful car to drive.

      1988 Ralt RT4          1991 Pennzoil Lola             

The second car is the 1991 Andretti/Jim Hall/VDS Pennzoil Lola Champ car with its 800+ Horse power twin Turbo Methanol burning engine. In 1991 the car won Surfers Paradise in Australia first time out. The Lola produces over 4500 lbs of downforce at 200mph. Later Driven in 1992 by Roberto Guero and weighing 1650lbs the car and engine combination set the world record for the fastest closed circuit speed in 1992. Attaining an average speed of 232.482 mph, the first to break the 230 mph barrier, this would likely mean speed close to 250mph on the straight at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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Page 3: Jackshafts - Camshafts - Flywheel - Spring Retainers - Stem seals - Gaskets

Page 4: Studs/Bolts - Manifolds - Cam Covers - Oil Pumps - Water Pumps - Hardware

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    Alloy Block 42 lbs cast iron 80 lb

BDD/BDG Cylinder  Head
BIG VALVE 1.275 IN 1.083 EX 1.402 IN 1.202 EX

 Cam Trays  for BDD and BDG  to suit followers spec.1.20 or 1.25