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 SPECIAL OFFER  Digital Caliper on sale for $24.95, normal retail is $40 or more. Extremely accurate to 0.0005 and repeatable time after time. Test for a good caliper is to slide it quickly 6 times end to end in rapid succession, it should always read zero. Instant inch to metric conversion, and zero set. Its a steal. Give them as corporate gifts, with padded case and spare battery.   $24.95 1.0
   Cam Carrier locating dowel studs with lock nuts. (pair)   $19 0.1
   12mm BDA Head stud kit, (0.472 ins) Ten high quality custom studs, 12 point nuts and stainless steel spacing washers, includes two custom indexing studs for accurate cylinder head indexing. Original Ford bolts were 7/16 or (0.438 ins) smaller by 1/32nd. Heads torque better with studs due to a more linear clamping force. Original  bolts are torque twisted into block.   $204 2.5
   7/16 unc/unf  BDA Head stud kit. Ten very high quality custom studs with Alan Key for easy installation and withdrawel. Heat-treated 8740 Chrome moly steel 200,000 psi tensile strength, Black Oxide finish. Twelve point nuts aerospace quality 180,000 psi.   $156 2.3
  Carburetor studs 5/16 ins, 18 and 24 tpi , 2 ins long with aircraft jet nuts    (set of 8)   $ 0.4
   Inlet/Exhaust 1/4 ins, 20 and 28 tpi , 1.25 ins long studs and K nuts.              (set of 25)   $59 0.5
 Billet Main Cap machined from 080A15 steel. Ground finish cap to block face dowel located. Can be installed to cast block with very minor revision to allow stud to seat.  Must be used with matching studs below   $175 10.0
 ARP custom  studs of 817M40 steel.   Complete set of 10 Studs, steel spacing washers and 12 point nuts only.   $150 0.9
   Complete set of 5 Billet Main Caps with all hardware as above, studs , washers and twelve point nuts   $295 9.8
   BDT high volume water pump, suitable for alloy block only. Suitable for both BDD and BDT alloy blocks. Especially well suited for high ambient temperature climates around the world   $295 2.3
   BDG/BDD Standard volume water pump for alloy block only.   $135 1.8
   BDT and BDG impellor size comparison. Both take advantage of the unique cooling design of the Blue Sky Racing cylinder head.      

   BDD water pump suitable only for cast iron block. (pulley not included)   $110 1.8
   4 Port dry sump oil pump with 3/4 inch scavenge line options. Superior 4 Port design permits direct oil feed to main oil gallery, feeding oil directly to crank bearings and camshaft assemblies, resulting in more efficient oiling of critical engine components. 3/4 inch pictured   $307 3.0
   4 Port dry sump oil pump with 1 inch scavenge line options. Superior 4 Port design permits direct oil feed to main oil gallery, feeding oil directly to crank bearings and camshaft assemblies, resulting in more efficient oiling of critical engine components.   $323 3.0
   5 Port dry sump oil pump with 3/4 inch scavenge line.  5 Port design feeds to main oil gallery, through internal passage ways cast in block behind oil pump mounting plate.   $321 3.0

   Scavenge tube for oil pumps, 3/4 or 1 inch complete with circlip and 'O' ring seals   $26 0.2
   BDD/BDG  pattern Cam cover similar to original, LM25 alloy.   $294 5.2
   BDD/BDG  Lucas Fuel injection pattern Cam Cover, similar to original   $354 5.7

   BDD/BDG pattern  Front cover casting, Oil seals are sold separately   $304 1.1
   JENNINGS Intake manifolds suitable for 45 to 50 DCOE / SP Webers or Fuel Injection throttle bodies. Castings will require to be matched to cylinder heads and sized appropriately. Can easily be customized or enlarged with hand grinding. Suitable for a 50mm bore size at manifold   $220 2.6
   BD Intake manifolds best suited for up to 45 DCOE Webers due to 42mm round bore size and 40x24mm oval opening. Both can be enlarged with some hand grinding due to wall thickness for Atlantic's with Weber 48 DCO SP's which require a 50mm bore size at manifold interface, not recommended.   $303 1.8
   Mark 8 and Mark 9 adaptor suitable for BD engine blocks. Not suitable for Ralt Atlantics as starter is on the opposite side   $433 8.5
   Beautifully fabricated BD dry sump pan with 3/4 in scavenge pipe, has original metal stamping pattern on gasket face. Threaded to accept brass filter screen as depicted below, brazed metal oils screen and baffle inside. Cast Sump available for $443   $330 8.0
   Custom brass oil screen and crush washer for dry sump applications   $35 0.5
   Hand spun aluminium 45,48,50 mm air horns and  CNC machined flanges   $180 1.2

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